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The first formation of, and public performances by our orchestra date back to the early 1950s in Stuttgart-Bad Cannstatt. Since 1966 the orchestra has been under the artistic direction of and conducted by Jürgen Klenk, both a music teacher at various secondary schools in the Stuttgart area, and organist and choirmaster at the Oswald Church in Stuttgart-Weilimdorf.


Today our orchestra PRO MUSICA STUTTGART has developed into a semi-professional ensemble of about 40 active members, with professional musicians in key positions, as well as dedicated students and hobby musicians from all walks of life.

Our repertoire ranges from the Baroque Concerto Grosso to the symphonies and concertos of the Classical and early Romantic periods, but we have also performed works by modern composers such as P. Hindemith, C. Orff, J. Francaix, J. Rutter.

Due to our close cooperation with choirs from the Stuttgart area, we also cover much of the repertory of choral and sacred music from Bach cantatas to the great masses and oratorios.

In regular rehearsals every week, we prepare several concerts per year, including our annual summer concert in the "Weisser Saal" of the "Neues Schloss", the traditional highlight of our concert season.

Our concerts have been favorably received both by the public and the local press.

Most recent CD recordings include Haydn's Creation and John Rutter's Magnificat.

In the past PRO MUSICA has undertaken concert tours abroad, e.g. to Greece (University of Patras), Hungary (Haydn-Festival, Esterhazy), and to sister cities of Stuttgart like La Ferté,

France, Cardiff, Wales, and Brno, Czech Republik. Most recently, we performed Mozart's Coronation Mass in cooperation with the Max-Klinger-Choir in Leipzig.

The work of our orchestra is acknowledged and supported by the City of Stuttgart.

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1962 Schloss Kageholm, Schweden

1966 Andreae-Kirche

1994 Haydn-Festival /

 Schloss Esterhazy


1997 Solitude, Stuttgart


2004 Dirigent J. Klenk

1999 Selianitika, Griechenland

2001 Neues Schloss, Stuttgart

2004 Oswaldkirche

2004 Brünn, Tschechien



Artistic director and conductor:

Jürgen Klenk

e-mail: juergenklenk@gmx.de

Managing director:

Günter Schölzel        

e-mail: igscholzel@aol.com

Music administration:

Karin Müller

e-mail: karin.angelika.mueller@t-online.de

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